Welcome to the Choctawk. 



What is the Choctawk? 

The Choctawk is Mississippi College's blog for prospective students. If you read the blog, you will see that we publish on wide variety of topics: advice on high school, college admissions, and being a college student, profiles of organizations and professors at MC, cool events currently happening at MC, devotionals, etc. We know this time can be stressful,  so we are here to help. We hope the Choctawk will be a valuable resource for you during both your college search and if you choose to continue your education at Mississippi College. 

What's with the name? 

We are the Mississippi College Choctaws, and we do a great deal of "talking" on the blog. Choctaw + Talk = Choctawk. Clever right? 

Who writes the blogs?

The Choctawk is written by Mississippi College students. These students come from across our campus bringing a wide array of interests and talents. Because we attend MC, we have a perspective that could beneficial in helping you decide whether you could see our lovely university as home, as well.  

You called me?

Yep! We have an awesome group of students called telecounselors who call you to make sure you are up to date on all things MC or just to wish you happy birthday. 

Who else works at the Choctawk? 

In addition to the bloggers and telecounselors, we have an awesome creative team composed of photographers and videographers. They let you see the cool events happening at MC without even stepping a foot on campus. 


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