The Great Outdoors of MC

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As a proud southerner, the really low temperatures I've had to put up with at home over the break have been brutal.  It wasn't that hard to reminisce about two weeks in the past when it was warm and I could enjoy the outdoors.  Spring is soon to come, and for you future Choctaws, it'll be great weather to be outside in by the time you arrive.  With that being said, maybe you could try some of these outdoor activities in your leisure time when the weather's right.


I'm very interested in sports, and MC has some prime locations to throw a baseball, play a pickup football game, or participate in whatever other sport anyone challenges me in.  The intramural fields are the perfect place to partake in such activity with fields designed for almost any sport. 

For those that are just looking for places to jog, MC's campus has many sidewalks, and vehicles don't overwhelm the streets.  I see many people running through campus and often on the Brick Streets in downtown Clinton.  Also, surrounding the intramural fields is a track with specific distances on a sign as you enter the area, in case you wanted to time yourself on your run.


MC also has some specifically designed locations for recreation.  In East Campus near the University Place apartments, there are nine disc golf holes.  Adjacent to New Men's and Whittington residence halls, there is a sand volleyball court, which is well lit so that groups can even play at night.  If you are an avid tennis player, you can often call the security office and request that they unlock the courts for you to use when the tennis team isn't practicing.

MC is flooded with locations to be active.  The quad is a prime location, and residence halls often have wide open areas as well.


If you're not looking to be active, but you still enjoy the outdoors, there are many opportunities to pursue other activities as well.  I see people on the quad in Enos studying, reading, or just kicking back and listening to music.

I have a friend who is far more talented than me in the arts, and she enjoys drawing and painting.  MC is a well-kept, aesthetic campus that appeases such an interest, so you will have plenty of chances to improve and express your skills in this field.  

In the middle of the University Place apartments and up the hill from the Student Life center are swings, which are often used for relaxing after a class or purposeful conversations with friends.

Perhaps you're looking for a serene place to spend time with the Lord, whether in prayer or in Scripture.   Whatever your personal time looks like, there are perfect places like the prayer garden, the piazza, and many more.


Much of outdoor leisure time is creativity.  Some activities may be habits, while others might be spontaneous.  Whichever way it is, the most important thing is enjoying the leisure time you get and the people you get to share it with.

Still looking for throwing partners since my last baseball game

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