Finding the Best in Others

Our relationships with the Lord and other people are what ultimately shapes who we are and directs us toward where we are headed in life.  It's imperative that we are surrounded by people who build us up and look for what is best in our lives.  It's just as important to value the people you encounter by their best moments, and not their weaknesses.  In order to have fruitful relationships with others, you must have the right perspective on how to be relatable.

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Compliments are the easiest way to brighten someone's day.  People always need them, and it speaks to the caring nature of someone who gives them.  Even further than that, finding a reason to consistently give someone a genuine compliment can change our perspective on that individual.  It's easy to say nice things to our friends, to attractive people both physically and in personality, or to those who are successful. 

We don't like complimenting our enemies, though; in fact, it seems rather absurd to look fondly on those who have hurt you or who are against you. So try to look past your differences and see this person as a friend. You'd be surprised how both of you can change your mindsets.

To be very practical, pick 3-5 people for you to give honest, sincere compliments for 14 days.  Evaluate your relationship at the end of the period and see if anything changes.  Make one of these people someone you don't particularly enjoy.  If you do your part in spreading positivity and joy to campus, think of how much easier relationships will be.

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Further than our words, we need to know how to think about others in a positive light.  If we genuinely want to enhance how we get along with people, we have to learn how to view them as people, not problems.  We are human, so by consequence we are all susceptible to faults and mistakes. Value people on the attributes that give them value.  View them based on what makes other people like them rather than what may make someone dislike them.  This practice can be done for your best friend and also your worst enemy.  

All people have something about them that makes them special, so find it and celebrate it with them.  If every person you meet is viewed as an opportunity rather than another closed book, your ability to affect people's lives is much further reaching.

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One of the most useful pieces of advice concerning people involves forgiveness.  We've reached the age where the old adage "forgive and forget" is not accurate, since we know there are some situations that are monumental in effect.  Rather, a more sound application that my father always preaches is "forgive and forsake."

To forgive and forsake is to forgive someone and give up the right to hold the wrong he or she may have caused against that person.  This means you can't use it as a weapon in an argument or a reason you tell your friends you and someone else aren't on good terms.  And before you think there are some actions that are unforgivable, think of how many times we've been disobedient to God, but how He incessantly loves and forgives us.

If you have any questions, need clarity in a point that I made, or would like to respond in any way, feel free to comment below.  Join me as we develop a new appreciation for people by bring out their best.

Always open to new friends