Christmas Gift Ideas for College Students

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You could be a mother at a loss of ideas on what to get for your child that is in college.  You may be a college student searching for one of your also college-aged friends.  Whatever your scenario, these gifts are resourceful or thoughtful for almost every college student

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Gift Cards
College students are often low on funds due to various situations, and could often use help with financing their lifestyle.  If you don't want to just give cash (which is always helpful as well), then try giving them gift cards.  Kroger gift cards are a great option for helping students save when stocking up on groceries, or they could use them for gas.  Restaurant gift cards to the casual dining and fast food chains in the Clinton area are perfect when I just don't want to cook one evening or don't have time to go to the grocery store.  Amazon gift cards are unique because they can hold utility in buying books I might need for a semester, but with all the options of the online retailer I can buy something I want as well.  Walmart and Target cards could buy groceries, decor for the room, electronics, and much more.

Coffee Mugs & Coffee Makers
A lot of students, including myself, have adopted the pastime of drinking coffee to alert themselves in the early mornings.  A personalized way to assist the coffee drinking habit is buying a coffee mug.  It could have a cartoon on it, a favorite sports team, or you can make it your own creation by designing it on Vistaprint or Custom Ink.  Coupled with this are the machines that distribute the coffee, such as a Keurig or a similar machine.


Headphones & Speakers
I catch myself needing earbuds pretty regularly on campus.  I use them when I'm working out, when I'm studying for a test or working on a project, and occasionally when I'm walking to and from class.  You can go big and buy name brand like Beats, or just buy a cheap pair from an off-price retailer.  Bluetooth speakers are often used by many college students as well, and some even come waterproof to use in the shower.  Perhaps you could set your student up with one of these interesting music players.

Picture Frames & Polaroids
Many memories are made in college, and some are worth capturing in the moment.  Help your student remember those moments by buying them picture frames or a Polaroid camera for easy distribution of hard copies of pictures.

6 Foot/10 Foot Charging Cable
With often scarce outlets and tall dorm furniture, it's very hard to keep a phone bed-side.  If your student is the type to keep a phone by them as they sleep, a long charging cable would be a very helpful way to provide convenience to him or her when trying to power his or her device.


If any of this list doesn't help, I found a pretty useful website that might come in handy by clicking here.  My personal feeling, as we've gotten older, our appreciation for gifts is more adaptable to what we're given.  I've noticed that any time someone gives me a gift, whether a handwritten note or buying me a meal, it's all about the intention.  Thus, be a cheerful giver and the object itself will be more than enough.

Hopefully racking up some gift cards this Christmas season

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