Quick Peek: MC Intramurals

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In high school, most people play sports or are involved in athletics to some extent. When you get to college, though, athletics are much more rigorous. Students who do not play a college sport usually still want to participate in some form of athletics, whether for competition or leisure. Intramural sports are one way to stay active in college while still experiencing sports beyond high school. Mississippi College has a great Intramural program, offering a multitude of competitions, all with a strong, Christ-centered base. 


Each semester, MCi (MC Intramural Athletics) offers different sports. For this fall, they scheduled the following: beach volleyball, dodgeball, flag football, ultimate frisbee, a corn hole tournament, and indoor soccer. And that is just in one semester! During the spring semester, they have already announced that basketball and soccer will be available, with other sports to be added shortly.

Joining an intramural sport is extremely easy at MC. MCi uses a website called IMleagues.com to organize their sporting events. You simply register on the site, then join your team for the sport you are wanting participate in. The site also keeps track of your team's record, upcoming games, and even has the ability to keep track of stats.

Finding a team to play with is not difficult either. By joining a club or tribe, you can easily create a team of close friends and talented athletes. Of course, being in an on-campus organization is not required to have success in intramural sports; in fact, there are plenty of independent teams that win tournaments. The most important thing is to find a group of people you will enjoy playing with.


Intramural events are in the evening most of the time, so they won't interfere with class or work schedules. This does mean that you will have to carve time out of your night to play in competitions. So, before joining a team, be sure that you can commit to participating in pretty much every game. But remember: studies come first. Your teammates will understand if you have a big test coming up or a paper due the next day.  

While there is a competitive aspect to intramural sports, that is not the core of what MCi is about. Keeping in line with the values of Mississippi College, MCi emphasizes that it is first and foremost a Christian organization. Games always start with a bible verse and prayer. Students are expected to act in a Christ-like manner when playing in MC intramural events. 


Just remember: intramurals are not the pros. Of course you will want to win, but it is more important to get enjoyment from playing with those around you. And, in victory or defeat, give the glory to God.

Evan,                                                                                                                                        Dodgeball and indoor soccer enthusiast

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