Life of an MC Transfer Student

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Starting at community college before transferring to a university is a common and practical option for many young adults. It gives you a chance to get some of your core classes out of the way before moving onto a university. As a transfer student, I was thankful to have already developed good study habits and a good sense of balance between social and academic life before attending a university. Hopefully you will find that useful as well now that you have transferred to MC. 

You are here. 

So with that being said, welcome to MC! You have paid your dues by sitting in all of the required core classes. Now you can focus on classes that are related to your major, but life outside of class is a little different at a university than at community college. So how do you adjust? 


A great way to adjust to the larger atmosphere of a university is to get involved. This allows you to get to know new people, make new friends, etc. This may be a little intimidating at first. You may think that you will be the only upperclassman, but I promise this is not true! We actually have a large population of transfers, and most freshmen and returning students are so cool that you automatically feel included.  Below are some ways to get involved on campus. 

General Rush

I know you have probably heard this option a million times. You may be one of those people that does not have a doubt in your mind about wanting to rush. You may be a little worried about being the only upperclassman rushing. That was me. Guess what? I wasn't the only one. I actually made a lot of new friends that were transfers, freshmen, and upperclassmen. Soon they weren't classified that way in my mind anymore. I think of them as my sisters and brothers now.

Other Organizations 

Rushing may not be for you, and that's okay. You can still get involved with other organizations on campus. MC has everything from campus ministries, like BSU or RUF, to academic organizations, such as the Accounting Society. There are even outdoor organizations like the Bass Fishing Team, the Equestrian Team, and the Archery Team.  Campus Activities Board is way to help to help plan events on campus. 



get an on-campus job

A great way to get involved on campus is to work on campus. Not only do you get involved, you get paid as well (YAY!) Career Services offers an online employment service. 

on campus employment.jpg

Put yourself out there

Maybe you aren't the type of person who likes to be in big groups, and that's okay too. It may be tempting to lock yourself in your room and watch Netflix. Sometimes we need that, but don't avoid interaction with every person you see all the time. Trust me, it wears you out to not have anyone. People are pretty friendly at MC. Talk to someone you know or don't know and try to invest in friendships. You never know what will become of it. 

"You put yourself out there in the truest way you can and hope others do the same. You'll connect or you won't, but you did what you could."   -Chris Crutcher


This is probably the best advice for any situation that anyone can give you. While you can take in everything someone tells you to do, they will never be able to know what is best for you. GOD KNOWS WHAT IS BEST FOR YOU. Keep your relationship with Him strong, and you will know exactly what to do. 


You might not feel like you are home yet. I pray that you do feel that way soon. Everyone always says that home is where the heart is, but I have found that home is when the heart is full of Jesus' love, no matter where you are. 


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