From High School to My School: A Preview Day Story

Hey y’all, it’s Ashton! I’m a sophomore and I fell in love with MC after attending a Preview Day when I was in high school. We are hosting a Preview Day this Saturday, September 13, and I wanted to share my Preview Day story with you all!

I came to my first Preview Day my junior year of high school. I found out about MC via walking billboard (also known as a t-shirt) and after looking at it online, I knew I had to find out what this school was all about!

In March of 2012, my dad and I packed our bags and set out on our first of many road trips from the Alabama Gulf Coast to Central Mississippi. I had one of my best friends with me and I was more than ready for my first college visit (they can make you feel quite grown up).

I knew coming in that I would have the opportunity to meet other prospective students, visit my (at the time) potential academic department, get a look at the clubs and tribes, and tour the campus. Little did I know, it would be a Saturday that changed my life!

We started the day with a few speeches from different members of MC’s staff, including the university president, a professor, and even a current student! After that, my dad went off to one of the Parent Sessions, and I headed to Lowery Hall to sit in on a class with Dr. Mann, one of the professors in the Psychology department. While sitting in on the class, Dr. Mann allowed us to ask any questions about the Psych department. He also gave us the chance to hear from upperclassmen pursing a psychology degree to get a better idea of what our life would look like if we chose that as our major.

Next, I went out to the quad to meet the clubs and tribes and experience an MC tailgate for the first time! This is where I really fell in love with MC. I got to talk to girls from all of the tribes, as well as meet a number of current students, a few of which are now some of my best friends! Walking around the quad, I wasn't treated like some silly high school student, I was welcomed in by every student I met. After only a few hours on campus, MC felt like a home to me.

It was somewhere in between the mass of green, pink, blue, and red t-shirts that I realized that MC was where I wanted to spend the next four years of my life. After attending Preview Day, my college choices narrowed and I knew more of what I did and didn’t want in a college. But more importantly, I knew firsthand what MC had to offer me as a university.

This Saturday September 13, you have the opportunity to write your own Preview Day story! We hope to see you here! If you haven't already, register here for FREE! 

- Ashton 

PS: This is me with one of my best friends, Hunter, who I met at Preview Day. (Hunter used to work for Choctawk too!) This is us still being friends, dressed up as Lucille Ball and Ricky Ricardo.