Merry Melodies: A Winter Playlist

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Merry Christmas. Happy New Year. Hi. 

It's Ashton and Elizabeth. Your favorite (and only) blog chiefs. Comin' atcha with some holiday toonz. 

Here's the thing. Ashton doesn't like Christmas music, so this blog is about winter music. Also, we are currently singing to Frozen karaoke. 

Because we're both such music lovers, we thought we'd create a Spotify playlist of our favorite winter music. 

Let's get to it: 

Classic Frank Sinatra, Nat King Cole, and Bing Crosby by-the-fire records, like White Christmas. Chill music. Chill Christmas. Chill time.

Ashton prefers to jam to the lighthearted tunes of meowing Carol of the Bells. It's the cat's meow.  Liz on the other hand is more of a "freak out when Pentatonix sings Little Drummer Boy" kind of person. It's jammin.

On the real though, Christmas music is beautiful, and whatever we've designated as "Winter Music" is even better. So, here are some of our favorite "Winter Songs" for you to listen to just as this weather is (finally) getting wintery and Christmas Break slowly makes its way to us.

Here are some samples of the songs on our playlist! 

Pentatonix- Little Drummer Boy | Liz's pick
We are actually confused about how they make these beautiful noises with their mouths. SO COOL.

The Christmas Song- Paul McCartney | Mutual Pick, because Paul is still rockin' and Christmas is too.

John Lennon- Happy XMas (War is Over) | Ashton's favorite Christmas song. It makes me feel warm and holiday-ish, which never happens. 

Sleeping at Last- Snow | A song so wonderful, it almost made both of us cry. 

The Head & The Heart- What are you doing New Year's Eve? | Loved deeply by both of us, and hopefully you.

Alex Boye- Let It Go | It's last, but it's definitely not least because a year later, Frozen is still important and still wonderful and without a doubt the best way to get you in the winter/December/Chrsitmas/Disney spirit (a spirit everyone should always be in).

For more of this goodness, check out the ever-growing playlist, here! We hope you love it as much as we do and we look forward to sharing more music with you in the future. Happy December and may the gingerbread be ever in your favor. 

Here to spread the Christmas cheer, the world's best blogging, music loving elves,
Ash & Liz
mutual lovers of coffee, words, and laughter

One song on the playlist was added by Andrew. It's a Sufjan Stevens song. No surprise. 


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